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A propos de moi

Flo Ankah practices and teaches healing arts, specializing in coaching creative professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as anyone already on a spiritual path and ready for deep transformation. With a background in dance, music and theater, Flo is experienced in dealing with depression, injuries, eating disorders, addiction, and much more. Since 2005, Flo has studied with Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing, under the mentorship of Eric Brumett—embarking on a journey of self-discovery, creative unfolding, and physical healing. She has helped clients navigate through life-changing events such as divorce, cancer, mental illness, the aging process and has also worked closely with Alzheimer's patients.  Hailing from France, Flo teaches and consults with clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

FRA: www.thetanature.com | NYC: www.lifewithflow.com 

Crédit supplémentaire

  • Professional actress and singer – member of the Academy of TV Arts & Science, SAG-AFTRA, Actor’s Equity, Dramatists Guild,
  • Certificate programs from Merce Cunningham Studio (modern dance), and from Upright Citizens’ Brigade (improvisation comedy),
  • Crystal Viewing from Christina High, ATIH from the School of Remembering,
  • Mediation for artists (VLA Lawyers for the Arts), Dance for students with special needs (92Y).


"I went to Flo for a Theta Healing session and knew right away I wanted to learn more about this healing modality. I loved my experience with Flo. As someone that has been in the healing arts for over 35 years, I was both moved and enamored with her. As a teacher she is generous in her knowledge, spirit, energy and heart. This was an amazing experience that in addition to the education and healing experience, made a huge difference in my life. I have enormous gratitude for Flo. I highly recommend treating yourself to a session with this gifted and profound healer."

Anika Cooper, NYC
PhD metaphysics

"Working with Flo in her ThetaHealing sessions I am always impressed by her ability to effortlessly zero in on challenges and blockages. With her strong powers of empathy she can detect the inner yearnings and the sources of deep-seated feelings. By the end I am always energized, and I feel a lightness in my breathing, movement and energy. This work has a very powerful effect on us. It is hard to describe, but it is unmistakably healthy and healing for the body and the spirit."

Beck Lee, NYC
Theater & publicity

"Flo is an amazing trainer that helps you understand the different concepts through experience. She combines healing with arts in a brilliant manner. Her passion is contagious and she accompanies you through a positive path of transformation. I love the simplicity in which Flo helps you experience transcendental concepts. Flo is very generous, ready to share all her knowledge and experience. Join Flo for the ThetaHealing training and experience it by yourself. You will not regret it!"

Mar Jubero, NYC
Unicef humanitarian

"Flo is a magical woman, her sunshine presence lights up the whole room and brings every dream as a possibility for reality. I know Flo through our training together as Theta practitioners and from the moment we met our work started to elevate, and change old unnecessary programs so we can be magnets for positive change. I highly recommend getting a session or doing the full ThetaHealing training with Flo."

Osi Mizrahi, Chappaqua host
Yogi & entrepreneur

"Flo is a highly intuitive, compassionate ThetaHealing practitioner that uses her performance and communication skills to guide you through self-awareness and processing with joy and kindness. We have worked together for a few months and I have seen results in very practical terms. My situation has shifted and I’m very thankful for her help."

Angela Lang, NYC
Author & journalist

"During a recent session with Flo, we were able to pinpoint some critical issues that were really holding me back and weighing heavily on my heart. What really surprised me was Flo’s ability to tell me about aspects of my life that I hadn’t really shared with anyone! She was also able to help me isolate these feelings and send dissipating energy to release them so I could create positive goals and desires. It was amazing and she is clearly gifted. I HIGHLY recommend the experience!"

Sherry Parnes, NYC
Comedy writer

"I signed up for the 3 day basic theta healing workshop not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I came out of it 3 days later a changed person. Flo's teaching skills combined with her sense of humor, inner beauty and passion to share this powerful healing technique helped in changing my own negative patterns and beliefs. In addition, she showed me how I can serve others in bringing positive change in their lives. As a yoga teacher and a energy healer theta healing has just added to my tool kit. I have been able to get to the core of the issues and assisting in clearing them up faster."

Alka Kaminer, Armonk NY
Energy Healing & Yoga

"I give Flo's Basic training my highest recommendation. She is a true gem - down to earth, fun, and collaborative. Flo understands and expresses the material so intuitively it is so easy to "get it." I walked away energized, loaded with tools and techniques, and confident having successfully performed impactful healings live in the training."

Nathan Shultz, Brooklyn NY
Conscious Business Advisor
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