How to Become a ThetaHealer®

The first seminar to take to begin your adventure with the ThetaHealing Technique is the Basic DNA.   This is a 3-day seminar generally taught on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This seminar will introduce you to ThetaHealing and teach you the basic information of how to do ThetaHealing; as well as certify you as a ThetaHealing Practitioner.  The 2 most recommended seminars with ThetaHealing are the Basic DNA and Advanced DNA. From these 2 seminars your learning with ThetaHealing can go many directions.

Once you complete the Basic DNA seminar your account will be created on and the system will email you a user name and password.  Your account is not publically displayed on the website until you log into your account and choose to have your account visible for people to see.

Once you receive your user name and password you will have access to your account as a ThetaHealer. We recommend taking a minute after completing a seminar to make sure your account information is current so people searching you on the site have the most up to date information on how to contact you. 

Avec le ThetaHealing j'ai vécu des changements de vibrations profondes qui ont changé ma vie, je guéris mes propres problèmes, connais des guérisons miraculeuses au sein de mes relations familiales et ai trouvé mon but dans la vie.

-Diana Palm
Totalement changé tous les aspects de ma vie.

-Lois Lee Fellers
Alors Vianna merci du fond du cœur de partager une modalité si merveilleuse qui a aidé tant de gens. Elle a changé ma vie.

-Christine Powell

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